Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille announced that the city planned to produce an extra 500Ml of water through a mix of desalination plants, ground water extraction, and water reuse.

3 Sites earmarked for Desalination in Cape Town include Cape Town’s Granger Bay, Hout Bay and Dido Bay.

(source – news24 – read more here)

What is Desalination? –

Desalination is a process of reverse osmosis for the turning of Sea Water into drinkable, potable water for consumption, cooking and other major household uses.Before the actual process begins, the sea water requires a few steps of filtration because it is taken directly from the ocean.

This is also referred to in this instance as Salt Water Desalination since normal term of desalination refers to process of extracting mineral components from saline water, also referred to as the removal of salts and minerals from a target substances as in the control of salinity in the soil for agricultural purposes.

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