First Triple Cell Bubble Wrap Pool Cover in South Africa. These pool blankets now come with a newly designed triple cell bubble / tri cell bubble, with dimensions of 30mm x 30mm. The manufacturing process ensures a more uniform thickness, unlike the traditional round bubble design that has more of an inconsistent thickness.

This makes it the largest bubble design locally available and is new tech that comes from New Zealand.

The larger bubbles are able to retain more heat as a primary feature compared to normal round bubbles.

The new design also makes the bubble dome much stronger than the round shape and has better resistance to general wear and tear.

The thickness of the bubble dome has also been increased.

· Reduces water evaporation by up to 97%
· Increases water temperature by up to 8 degrees
· Reduce your heat loss by up to 75%
· Reduce your pools chemical consumption by up to 50%
· Keep your pool clear of leaves, insects & dirt
· Prolong your swimming season with a warmer pool
· Top quality, 500 micron.
· Tri-Cell Bubble size – 30mm in diameter for the tri cell bubble.
· Non-toxic, eco-friendly & durable
· Bacteria & fungus resistant
· Premium cover, just look at the quality.

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