As the Western Cape is facing a continued water crisis & water restrictions, we have to adhere to water restriction laws and how it’s limitations impact us and in particular owners of swimming pools. A buying frenzy sprung up among pool owners to cover their pool so as to not loose more water to evaporation.

The harsh reality of this is, if you are the owner of a swimming pool, you may not top it up with municipal water unless your pool is fitted with a pool cover. It is just a piece of plastic but it can be expensive depending on the size of your pool. Topping up of a pool will cost anywhere from 35 – 70 cents per litre. Find out how to measure the volume of your pool here.

It is crazy how often we get a phone call from people giving feedback that their pool covers they purchased elsewhere have disintegrated after 1 year. They probably bought the wrong product from the wrong fly by night company. 
Make sure what you are buying is at least 500 micron and is also UV Stabilised (to combat prevention of UV degradation) and ensure it has the benefits you require. If you are after a more solid cover or a pool safety net, we can assist you in this regard also.


  • Reduces water evaporation by up to 97%

  • Increases water temperature by up to 8 degrees

  • Reduce your heat loss by up to 75%

  • Reduce your pools chemical consumption by up to 50%

  • Keep your pool clear of leaves, insects & dirt

  • Prolong your swimming season with a warmer pool

  • Bacteria & fungus resistant

  • Top quality, 500 micron. 368 gsm density

  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly & durable

  • Beneficial in summer and in winter

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