It’s just a piece of plastic but just like anything else, if you you don’t care for it, will not last as long as you expect.

If you have an algae problem of any sort, the suggested correct remedy to remove algae build up in your pool is may be a variation of strong does of acid and other pool chemicals. Please ask your local pool company for more info on this, we cannot give you guidance, it depends on your pool test results.

Just like you would not swim in the pool after a hearty dose of chemicals, you should also consider how this could impact on anything else in the pool. If you have a pool cover, this should be removed from your pool during a shock treatment or any other high dose of chlorine, yes even chlorine or other top-ups of any type of chemical.

Don’t forget to educate anyone else who may be looking after your pool to not leave a pool cover / pool blanket on the pool during a high dose of harmful chlorine, acid, or other additives which you may want to put in your pool to clear up the colour or to get rid of black algae or other algae or other problems.

Don’t forget, whilst your cover is off, if it is during the day, you could have water evaporate due to solar radiation. Try to plan your topping up of or major does of chlorine or other additives during the night time so that when ou take the cover off, it does not have to be susceptible to solar effects and lead to evaporation of water. This is not to say by morning the pool acidity will be safe to put the cover back on or swim, we are not experts at pool water acidity or safety by any means.

Please refer to the guide on any chemical you may be putting into your pool water for how long to wait before swimming or contact a pool care company to find out more about how long it may take for any dose of any chemical to make it safe to swim again or to put a pool cover on the water again.

Do not drag your pool cover over sharp objects, when storing it away make sure it is rolled up neatly. Clean your pool cover with clean water regularly. Do not pop any bubbles. Do not walk on the cover or play with it, it is not a toy. A pool cover is not a safety object. It cannot prevent a person or animal from harm or drowning. Please ensure all animals, children and even adults are informed of the purpose of a pool cover and to advise them that it is not safe to walk on a cover or do anything else with it other than the purpose which it has been intended.

If you don’t look after your pool cover and care for it correctly, it can deteriorate faster than expected. No. guarantee, warranty or other cover from us will cover the misuse of a cover.

Pool covers prevent water AND chemicals from evaporating therefore you should REDUCE your regular dosage of chemicals !

If you have a salt chlorinator, it is recommended to turn the level down so that less salt / chlorine is produced. Alternatively you can run your pump for much shorter time periods thereby also saving on electricity.


If the water is too concentrated with chemicals, they will attack and destroy your pool cover, which is not covered by any guarantee !

A 500 Micron cover can last between 1-6 years if cared for correctly depending on many factors such as…

  • Pool Acidity Levels (Ph, Chlorine, Acid)
  • Water Temperature
  • Outdoor Temperature
  • Care of the cover
  • How the cover is removed and stored when not in use
  • Shade / Sun
  • Debris / Type of Debris
  • How often the cover is cleaned and with what it is cleaned

Our bubble wrap pool covers it’s self are resistant to algae and bacteria. The building up of algae is dependent on several and including the following factors:

  • condition of the water
  • chemical levels
  • how often your pool pump runs
  • use of a creepy crawly or other cleaning device
  • how often you backwash your pool
  • the cleanliness of your filter and sand in the filter
  • the impact of the weather on products such as temperature of the water, sun & air

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